Day 5 of 2018

I got a Fitbit today. I’ve had a step/sleep tracker for a year now but I’m upgrading to a model that will *potentially* help me get into shape. That’s the idea anyway. Honestly, I’m just curious on how it’s going to track my heart rate and sleep cycles. I want to know why I feel exhausted All. The. Time. Maybe it will prompt me to become more active. Which will lead into more gym time. Which will snowball into a new, fit me. I love the sense of promise new items, especially tech gadgets give us. I’m a sucker for hope. Patrick got a Fitbit too, for which I’m thankful. It means that together we will either become better physical versions of ourselves by joining in improved exercise practices, or we will compete against each other for who is doing marginally better with physical activity. Either way, it works.

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