Day 26, 2018

My workout from yesterday showed up this afternoon in the form of sore muscles. I’m glad for the reminder that I pushed myself towards a health goal. I’m also grateful for the reminder that I’ve been trying to be better with my health because it made me feel less guilty for getting together with a friend to bake Florentine bars. They are an amazing combination of candies fruit on a shortbread crust. My friend usually makes them around Christmas time and gives me some. This year I asked for her recipe but hadn’t made them myself yet. So tonight my daughter and I went to her house so we could make a couple of batches together. We had wine, chatted, and played with her cat while we waited for the bars to bake. It was a lovely evening and I ate a couple of the bars without guilt. I’ll workout again tomorrow, but tonight I’m thankful for indulging a bit with a friend.

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