January 10, 2021

Today I almost felt back to normal with my energy level. It could be that I didn’t have any anti-nausea medication last night, so I didn’t have the side effects today. But whatever the reason, it was a welcome change this week.

Not wanting to waste it, I decided on a whim to paint a wall that had been bothering me in my craft room. It’s a wall that I’ve hung a bulletin board on and some miscellaneous pics. However it’s never felt quite cohesive since I wallpapered the adjacent wall. At any rate, I moved what I needed to get started and jumped in on painting.

Note to other impatient folks: it pays to read the fine print when ordering paint for pick up. I accidentally ordered oil based paint. I realized it when it wouldn’t come off my hands and when the fumes started making me feel a bit woozy. Opening windows at 30 degrees only makes the heat run constantly, by the way. I’m not sure it helps paint dry any quicker. I kept doing small bits at a time and leaving the room for a break until I covered enough of the wall that I could live with it. Five hours later, and it’s still not 100% dry, even with a fan going in the room. I’m hoping when I open the door tomorrow, I’m not knocked over by the lingering fumes.

So what am I grateful for today? That today felt normal. That I got something accomplished with my day. That even though the painting job is somewhat sloppy (and not my norm!), it looks like it will accomplish what I intended. And I have putting the wall back together to look forward to.

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