January 22, 2021

My oldest daughter, Brianna, has Covid. Luckily she’s only experiencing mild flu-like symptoms and fatigue. However, she has roommates so she’s quarantined to her bedroom for a while. We talked earlier today about how difficult it is to stay confined to one spot. For her, it means no access to the kitchen and she’s relying on the others to bring her meals. Thankfully, she has her own bathroom and tv. However, we agreed that it often gets boring without a change of scenery.

I read this today in one of my daily quote books. It was a good reminder that we do choose our happiness in every moment, even the difficult ones. I’ve said it before and it’s true again today, I’m thankful to have a home that’s comfortable. I’m also grateful to have a space that’s all mine.

Small view into my craft room

When my kids moved out, we repurposed their rooms. One became a guest room and the other became my craft room. I’ve redecorated it several times, and I suspect I may rearrange or redecorate it more before I’m done. But right now I’m satisfied with it. It makes me happy to hang out in and work on my latest project. This room is different than the rustic, neutral look of the rest of the house. I have a thing for skeletons, so you’ll notice them around the space. I think it comes from my appreciation of things gothic and quirky, and it’s enough to have it confined to my craft room. I’ve also filled it with items that are memories for me—cards from my kids, photos, drawings, gifts from friends, and tidbits that are inspirational.

So when, like my daughter, I find myself a bit bored from quarantining, I head to my room and work on something, thankful again for my own space.

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