February 6, 2021

One of Patrick’s sisters sent us a monopoly game based on one of his favorite video games. Today we played. I lost.

Frankly, I have terrible luck with board games. He would draw a card and win money. I’d draw and lose. I went to jail at least 6 times and always landed in the spots that cost me something. He built an empire. But it was fun. And something different for today.

I mentioned previously how much I appreciate my in-laws, and that includes Patrick’s sisters too. I have four sisters already, but I was thrilled to gain two more when we got married. And they’ve been amazing to me. Not because they send fun gifts, but because they treat me like a sister. I’m so thankful for that.

One thought on “February 6, 2021

  1. Few days late reading your blog but just wanted to say we love you so much! So glad to have gained another sister! And Patrick cheated if he won haha

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