February 25, 2021

I’m not a morning person. I know some folks who are up at 4 or 5 working already, but when I’m up that early, it’s to use the bathroom and hop back into bed so I can get maybe another hour of sleep before the alarm. Unfortunately for me, I’m usually doing that about every day.

When we got our dogs as puppies, we decided they wouldn’t be on the sofa or on the bed. To compensate we spent way too much on fancy dog beds before we learned the error of our ways. We weren’t strong enough to withstand puppy eyes. It wasn’t long before the dogs got free access to the furniture. However, we still only allowed them to be in bed with us in the mornings.

It started with them being invited up once we woke and we’d lounge together for a while. Soon they’d come stand by my side of the bed just before our normal time to wake up. These days, Barley arrives anytime between 4 and 5, but usually after my bathroom visit and just as I’m falling back asleep.

Most dogs would probably just jump into bed. Ours do during the day. But when we’re sleeping, they wait to be invited. And they wait by my side of the bed. And paw the side. Once I tap the blanket, Chance will spring into bed. Barley, however, is a different story. When I tap the blanket, he paws again. I have to tap and tap and tap in a variety of areas so he’s really sure it’s ok. Then I have to tell him to come up. And still he paces and sometimes surfs around the bed like a shark. Then he’ll butt himself into the bed a few times. I’ll tell him again to come up. So he’ll leave the room. By this time, I’m usually completely awake and wishing I were a morning person. After coming back and bumping into the bed a few more times, Barley will finally jump up—and take my leg space.

That was the routine this morning. Once Barley settled in and I moved to accommodate him, Chance showed up and jumped in on the other side of me, pinning me in my blanket like a mummy.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a morning person. I mean, after all that, I fell back asleep for about 20 mins today. Our ungodly early morning routine sometimes drives me nuts. Trying to continue sleeping with two 70-pound dogs sandwiching me isn’t always possible let alone comfortable. But I’m still thankful for these two crazy dogs.

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