March 1, 2021

It’s a new month! I’m so glad we are creeping closer to Spring. In the last week we’ve had enough of a warm up that quite a lot of snow has melted. It is exciting to see spots of grass again.

I’m also thankful that I was able to get caught up on some projects at work. I actually started work a bit early because I had a 7:00 meeting scheduled I wanted to be prepared for. However, when I logged on, I discovered the meeting was pushed to next week instead. And while Mondays are usually busy, it was quiet enough to devote time to getting caught up. It was great because it’s usually the middle of the night that I worry about all the items on my work list, and I’ve been frustrated lately that I’ve been too busy to get things checked off of it. It’s made work a lot more stressful than necessary.

Of course, I’m not completely caught up, but I made some strides. I’m grateful to have eliminated a little stress today. Hopefully, I can get completely caught up soon.

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