March 22, 2021

After several days of being in constant pain, I was exhausted today. I was also still somewhat sore. Enough so that I spent most of my work day sitting with a heating pad. I have new empathy with people who deal with pain on a constant basis. I have least have the expectation that it will subside, if not before my next treatment, then at least when chemo is over.

Probably needless to say, I was beginning to feel crabby. I knew I needed a distraction, so after dinner we went out driving around. And while Patrick made a quick run into a store, I sat in the car and looked up funny memes. And laughed. It felt good.

When we got home, I found this in the mail from my mom.

And this from my sister.

My family for the win! It’s like they knew it was going to be a bad day. I’m so thankful for their continued checking in and reaching out. My day has definitely ended better than it began.

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