March 23, 2021

I texted this to Patrick today. After two days of listening to my constant coughing (probably his least favorite thing ever), I figured he needed a reminder.

I was able to get into my Oncologist’s office today and get my cough checked out, and thankfully, my lungs are clear. The doctor gave me some different options to help with it like changing up my sinus meds. We think it may be too much sinus drainage. Never underestimate your nose hair. Lack of it can also be problematic. I’m never quite sure what over the counter stuff to take while on chemo, so I appreciated getting the feedback.

We also talked about the pain I’ve been experiencing. It’s not an uncommon side effect, so we talked about pain management options. She called in a prescription pain killer for me to try with this next round. If it doesn’t work or I don’t like the effects, she suggested different combinations of Tylenol I could take instead. Now I feel a little better prepared for tomorrow’s treatment and its after effects.

I’m grateful for my nurses and doctors who listen. I’m also grateful for when Patrick tries to tune me out. (Cough. Cough)

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