May 2, 2021

I tend to go through spurts where I feel like I need more spiritual guidance than other times. The last couple of Sundays I’ve watched church service online again and both times it’s been really good.

Last week was about not living in a place of powerlessness. We need to charge our own batteries and not stay plugged in to someone else’s faith. While the message was centered on the spiritual life, it definitely spoke to me in other areas too. Ultimately, we determine how far we go—both in our faith and in our life.

Today was about work life balance. While we should have a good work ethic and take our work seriously, we should also have a good play/rest ethic. The thing about that which stood out the most to me is that when you take a break to rest, you should be present. Really present. I know I’m not always completely “off” because I’m always thinking about what I should or could be doing next or instead of what I’m doing. Or I’m trying to do more than one thing at once. I’m not a workaholic but I’m going to try to be better about being fully present in my moments of rest.

I’m grateful for these messages that are good reminders to be purposely in charge of my life and the moments in it.

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