May 20, 2021

Since our weather took a turn towards summer, with highs in the 80s for the next week, I decided it was time to put away some winter clothes and get out some summer ones. Yes, I’m that person who swaps out her closet with the seasons. I’m sure that is an indication that my closet is too small, not that I have too many clothes. (I can see Patrick rolling his eyes.)

I acknowledge that there are a couple of issues with my method. 1.) It’s easy to forget what exists in the stored totes and inevitably, I buy something pre-season that is a bit similar to something I already own. I also end up doing the opposite at the end of the season, buying something on clearance and storing it, hoping I’ll still like it when I see it again. 2.) Storing clothes in totes almost always shrinks them. Haha. I kid. But seriously, pulling out summer clothes requires trying them on before putting them away because, you know, winter pounds haven’t always melted away yet. And the whole process is a chore that takes a while.

I got through about half my process tonight because I also decided to eliminate anything I knew I wouldn’t wear. I made a pile that I’ll show my daughters to see if either are interested before donating elsewhere. And today I’m thankful that pretty much everything fit. In fact, some things fit a little better than I remembered from last year. I’m calling that a chemo silver lining.

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