May 24, 2021

What a Monday. I had a work meeting that started at 7 am and lasted over 3 hours. When that was over, I immediately got a couple of phone calls and then had 2 more meetings, finally getting a break at noon. The upside is that it made the day go by quickly. The downside is that I still had my normal chemo side effects, and I’m already fading fast for the day. For some reason this week, my legs have been extra sore, even keeping me awake at night. And I still have my face rash. Soon. Soon it all goes away.

So while I’m relaxing this evening, I’m thankful for the smell of lilacs. Our rather large lilac bush is blooming, and we brought some branches inside. It’s crazy how just a few blooms can make an entire room smell wonderful. Well, it’s wonderful to me because I love lilacs. Patrick even used some of the blooms to make infused bath salts, so I have that to look forward to. And when the lilacs fade, I have my peonies to bring in, another favorite of mine. I’m so happy that they’re blooming this year!

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