June 7, 2021

We started watching Sweet Tooth on Netflix. It’s a show based on some comic books about a post apocalyptic world created by a pandemic. It’s sounds creepy and there are certainly parts that are, but it’s really about a boy who is one of the hybrid animal kids born after the “sickness.”

To be honest, I’m still on the fence about whether I really like it. I like the main characters—the boy and the guy who protects him most of the time—but almost everyone else is kind of horrible. As you can imagine, the hybrid kids freak everyone out, with most blaming them for everything and thus trying to kill them. The world is a bleak free-for-all. It’s a real snapshot of lost humanity.

It makes me grateful that we still live in a mostly civilized society and that our own pandemic, as terrible as it is, hasn’t completely destroyed the world as it has in the show.

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