June 16, 2021

I lost track of time and now I have too much to do. My mom is coming for a short visit this weekend. Since we haven’t had any visitors in the house for months, things have gotten a bit messy—not dirty because we still clean—but a pile of something here and there that we mean to put away but don’t get to. Winter clothes that haven’t made it to the winter tote. The craft items I need to bring to my storage unit. The spring items I set aside when I put some summer items out. I want to get everything tidied up, but there isn’t enough time in my day. Dang that full-time job! Haha!

Next week we leave for my daughter’s wedding, so I’ll also have to start putting together everything we need to take along. However, I can worry more about that starting Sunday. I did clean up my craft room tonight, so that was a start. While there is a lot on my to-do list, I’m thankful to have this visit to look forward to.

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