July 7, 2021

Over the last year Patrick and I have joked occasionally that after the pandemic, people will start taking vacations on their own. Everyone will be tired of being cooped up with their significant others and need time apart. Of course, we plan to take a vacation together after all my treatments are done, and we can figure out a time that works with Patrick’s teaching schedule.

In the meantime, however, today I planned a vacation without him. My mom and sisters suggested we go on a cruise together next year, so we booked one today for March while the deal was good. I hope by then the booster shot is available and the world is a bit more normal, but we got insurance just in case. It would be great if all my sisters can go, but a couple are still thinking about it.

I’m thankful that Patrick encouraged me to go without him, and I’m thankful to have something fun to look forward to after this year.

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