July 18, 2021

I got our bathroom almost done today. I just need to finish tweaking some things, like touching up the paint smudges. I also need to add wax over the chalk-painted cabinet and possibly add knobs. I’ll need to paint the countertop again, and I’d like to eventually add a couple of small prints to the walls too.

I painted the previous version of our bathroom just last year. Patrick likes brighter and more colors than I do in the house, so I went out of my comfort zone. I wanted the walls to resemble wallpaper, which took me several days to do. However. it got muddy looking, so I wasn’t happy with it almost immediately. It was fine, but it wasn’t a room I wanted to relax in.

Maybe it’s the stress of this past year or my upcoming surgery where I know I’ll need time to recover that has me wanting to make our rooms feel cozier, especially our bedroom and master bath. When I brought up my desire for a redo, Patrick admitted he wasn’t bothered by me changing things up. His one request was to not paint over the feature wall in our bedroom when I make some changes in there. That will be a future post, I’m sure.

The new wall color is a favorite of mine. I used it in our guest room and I’ve loved it from day one. I’m so thankful that I was able to make these changes and that I like the outside. It’s much more of a soothing space.

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