August 8, 2021

Patrick and I had big plans for cleaning around the house today. Stuff like pulling out the carpet cleaner and also cleaning dog beds. Instead, we went searching for button up shirts that I’ll need next week after surgery since I won’t be able to pull anything over my head for a while. I ordered a few, including button up pajama shirts, from Amazon but only a couple worked. One was too big; the pajamas had a weird stain on them.

I did get the dogs bathed and washed all the blankets they like to lounge on. Their fur is always so soft and they smell so good on bath day. It’s too bad Chance hates water and sings the song of his people the entire time he’s getting scrubbed. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Needless to say, we try not to bathe him too often.

I’m thankful that Patrick took me shopping and drove because I hate driving. And then made yummy BLTs with fresh tomatoes from our garden. I’m also thankful that I found a couple shirts that will work for me post surgery and beyond. It’s a good day when we get things done and have a bit of fun.

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