August 29, 2021

I slept terribly last night, meaning I barely slept. My legs bothered me. I couldn’t get into a comfortable position. My chest felt heavy. And why is it that trying to get to sleep makes it harder? Ugh.

I was hoping I could get back to work this coming week, but I think I need a little more time. My surgeons both said that 2 weeks was a minimum timeframe which is why my follow-up appointments were set for about 2 weeks post surgery. While I am definitely moving around better, I still find myself getting sore and uncomfortable by dinner time without doing much. I looked up normal recovery time for my surgery on cancer websites and most say 4-6 weeks. By Tuesday it will be 3 weeks. I’m getting close.

I’m thankful I have some flexibility with work (at least I hope I do!). I’m thankful I got to catch up with some friends today. And I’m thankful it’s almost bedtime.

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