September 4, 2021

Another rainy(ish) cool day. Patrick has been wanting to upgrade some of his beer-making equipment, so we decided to venture to another town where he could look at the items firsthand. While he didn’t see everything he was hoping for, he did find a couple of things, including a seasonal beer kit for a new brew. Yay! Fall beer!

We found a couple of other stores to check out and I found my own fall items. I loved this cute squirrel and couldn’t resist the wooden tombstone. They will look great on our mantle.

When we got back home, I made sugar cookies sprinkled with orange sugar. Chance may have firsthand knowledge of how yummy they are…And I may have eaten a few as my dinner.

I’m thankful for a day spent exploring outside of the house. I’m also thankful to a friend who alerted me to the fact that I had been posting as August again the last couple of days. As if I need to go back in time…!

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