September 28, 2021

One week of radiation done! I’m already turning pink, which does not make me happy. But I’m moisturizing and drinking lots of water. So hopefully it doesn’t get too bad. I’m also tired a lot but that could be from work, which has been stressful. I haven’t been sleeping well.

While I’m thankful that I’ve logged a week of radiation, I also tried to notice other things that did make me happy today. Here’s my list:

Yummy new cereal, which is something I haven’t eaten in a long time.

A funny email from a coworker that made me laugh.

Chance hiding under a fluffy new pillow.

Barley being ridiculously excited to see me get home from my dr appointment.

Patrick’s dinner, which was delicious as usual.

Tea lights on a timer so I no longer need to monitor them.

Pumpkin coffee beer.

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