October 8, 2021

So, I hate to keep wishing my weeks away, but it’s Friday!! Yay! So happy for that.

Last weekend, Chance started limping. We don’t know what happened that would have caused it. (Except he runs at full speed until he’s about 2 inches from something when he puts on the breaks, sometimes sliding to a stop.) He had no visible cuts or anything, so it’s been concerning. When Barley started limping, it ended up being a torn ACL, which was a very involved and expensive surgery. Both times.

We finally got Chance into the vet today, and thankfully, it appears to be a pulled muscle or something equally mild. We need to keep him from doing too much running and jumping and it should heal on its own. Whew! It’s so difficult with pets that don’t wince or whine or give any indication they’re in pain, but you know they are. Poor pup.

He’s a silly a

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