October 19, 2021

I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m uncomfortable at night; it’s hard to find a position that brings sleep quickly. I want to lay on my side SO bad, but it’s still hard for any length of time. And last night, the dogs jumped into our bed at 2:30 am. After Barley stuck his paws in my face, I kicked them both out, waking Patrick up in the process. I don’t know what prompted their early sneak into bed, but it didn’t help. I was awake from 2 -4 am, after getting to sleep about 11. That seems to be my pattern lately.

So this morning was tough. I was crabby and emotional. Stupid breast spacers. Stupid radiation burned skin. Stupid 7 am start to my job. When Patrick returned from his office hours at the college, he could tell I was having a hard time holding it together. He asked what he could do to make it easier for me today.

I’m thankful that he notices and wants to help. I’m thankful for the yummy pot roast dinner he made today, and the equally yummy Manhattan he made for me tonight. And I’m thankful that he doesn’t judge me for periodically losing it.

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