November 9, 2021

I don’t like the time change. It feels like bedtime by 6:00 pm. And the darkness coincides with the change in temperature where we live, which makes it extra hard to want to venture out of the house in the evening. I realized today that it makes me feel extra isolated again too. And I’m not ready for that.

Which is why I was thankful Patrick agreed to drive me to a couple of stores after dinner so I could do a little Christmas shopping but mostly get out of the house. I know, it’s still a bit early for Christmas talk, but I’m going to see my daughter and her husband during Thanksgiving week and I want to send presents back with them. Plus I have to mail a lot again this year and need to plan for delays. Still, I wasn’t ready to hear Christmas music playing in the stores. Yikes. Too soon.

Oh! I’m also thankful for leftover Halloween candy which works well for ice cream toppings…a nice little post shopping treat.

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