November 12, 2021

Despite my sister’s driving skills, we made it to my mom’s without a hitch today. That’s my niece buried amongst the pillows in the back seat. I ended up working just long enough this morning to answer some emails, and then we packed the car and headed out. I’m glad we left a little early because it was our first day of snow this year. It was really mostly sleet off and on, but even that is bad enough while highway driving, which I hate. I spent a lot of our 3-hour drive saying such things as, “watch out I think that guy is gonna cross into our lane,” “you don’t have to look at me when you’re talking,” “slow down-slow down- slow down.” I’ve officially become THAT annoying side seat driver. But I’m my defense, My sister started our drive describing a horrible car accused witnessed where the driver had been texting. And then she put her phone in her lap.

But as I mentioned, we made it ok and I’m thankful for that. Tonight the rest of my sisters arrived and we spent the evening laughing and drinking wine and eating off this lovely charcuterie board. Tomorrow we travel another couple of hours to the haunted mansion…

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