December 4, 2021

Most of my day was spent doing one of my favorite activities, strolling leisurely through an antique shop. Only today I went with a friend to a shop she had not been before. We both found some treasures and spent longer than we probably planned there. We were starving afterwards and went for a late lunch. I’m thankful for a fun day with a friend.

While I was gone, Patrick cleaned up the basement so I could spend the evening messing it back up.

I put on the Hallmark Channel, poured some wine AND hot chocolate, and wrapped presents. I need to get items mailed, so it was time. I ended up too distracted by a movie, so I didn’t get everything done, but I made a lot of headway. I’m grateful he prepped the space for me and even built a fire. A fun day and a festive night. How lucky!

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