December 7, 2021

It was a long day that started with a 6 am meeting. Maybe luckily for me, I was awake every hour from 2 am on. For some reason, I now have a hot flash every night at 2 am. Fun. Thankfully, our tile is cool in the middle of the night, so getting up and walking into the bathroom is helpful in dispelling the heat.

Speaking of cool, look at this Christmas countdown wine box. We missed the first few days, but we’ll catch up. I’ve enjoyed trying new wines, especially white ones I don’t normally drink. And each bottle has about two glasses of wine in it, so it’s just enough. The added bonus is that it’s perfect for the end of these long days. I’m thankful for some simple ways to unwind. Tonight it was a glass of wine, a short ride on the stationary bike (I’m still working on that leg), and a silly Christmas movie.

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