December 13, 2021

I saw my plastic surgeon again today and had another fill in my spacers. Each side got one of these syringes of saline. I’m starting to feel some uncomfortable twinges from my skin stretching, although my doctor assures me it shouldn’t cause stretch marks. Or pull apart my “seams” aka stitches. I’ve noticed the last couple of times that I could feel the pinch from the needle on my right side. Maybe my nerves are coming back. That would nice. On the left side, I still only feel pressure, which is no surprise since my whole armpit and a portion of my arm is still numb.

Because of the upcoming holidays, I won’t have another fill for a few weeks, which is fine. It will give my skin a chance to adjust and hopefully relax a bit. I’m still thankful to be moving along and tolerating this stretching well.

I’m also thankful that Patrick made it safely to Texas yesterday. He got up and left at 2 am since it was a 16-hr drive. It was supposed to be something of a surprise, so I didn’t mention it. He’s visiting his family and will drive back in a day or two. I’m sorry not to be able to visit his family, but I’ve enjoyed having all my tv shows on and complete access to the kitchen. The pups and I have been doing Christmas stuff 24/7 here. Now my countdown will be how many hours before he’s back.

One thought on “December 13, 2021

  1. we missed you not being able to come down for a visit too!……hopefully soon you both will be able to come down for a visit!

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