December 14, 2021

I’ve been really busy with Patrick away. I’ve moved onto construction projects. Ha. Actually we finally have someone rebuilding our deck. The original deck had the support posts placed directly on the concrete slab below it, so when the concrete cracked (as it does with weather extremes) the posts started to shift. It got to a point where the stairs began to pull apart, and we knew it needed to be fixed.

Rebuilding a deck because you HAVE to is like replacing a roof or windows that have gone bad. It’s the home equivalent of buying underwear. Necessary but not especially exciting. So we decided if we’re gonna spend a bunch a money, we might as well get something out of it. Therefore we are making the deck a tad bigger. Ok, we are doubling the size of it. It’s slightly nuts since we never entertain, so needing a lot more space isn’t really essential, but at the same time, we also don’t go anywhere. Spending time in our backyard has been our primary source of vacation time for the last few years. Plus our backyard is big enough that it won’t be weird.

I’m thankful that the weather has held out long enough for them to get a lot done already. I’m thankful the workers are nice, even though their choice of music isn’t (bluegrass at 7 am, really?!). I’m also thankful we are able to make this investment in our home that we will be able to enjoy as soon as winter is over. I know we are lucky.

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