December 21, 2021

Winter solstice. Longest night of the year. Beginning of Winter. It was cold today, so it does seem a bit more like winter, although we have no snow yet. I’d love if we got snow for Christmas but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

What we may get for Christmas is our new deck. The guys have been moving along on it. It seems so big now but I’m sure it will be different when the railing is done.

I’m sure these guys working in the cold appreciate that we don’t have snow. And for their sakes, I’m glad it has held off. But when they’re done Thursday afternoon, it can snow like a snow globe.

I’m thankful things are moving smoothly on the deck. I’m also thankful that after today, we start to get more daylight again. Once Christmas is past, I’m ready for winter to end.

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