December 26, 2021

I’m scrambling now to get stuff ready for my craft/antique/junk booth that I get control of Jan 1. I know I’ll take a day or two get it painted and set up, so I don’t have to have everything ready immediately. However, I’m trying to be proactive for the next holiday–Valentine’s Day. Can you believe stores already had stuff out for that before Christmas?! Too soon.

Today I made these “love” bugs for my inventory. I also have a Valentine’s wreath and am planning on making a couple of gift baskets with vintage wine glasses. Oh! and I have some pink blown-glass balls that I want to paint with hearts and flowers. Add all that to the other items I’m trying to fix up and I feel behind already. Sigh. Here I thought I was doing good today. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to list the same items on my Etsy site (SURCYclage) since I don’t want to take the risk of selling an item on both places. I’ll eventually need to decide what the focus should be for each place.

This is beginning to sound like a full-time job. Ha! Maybe one day…In the meantime, I’m thankful I have this week to work on things.

I feel like this little snowman I made. Doesn’t he look tired? Haha. I’m going to give him a cane.

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