January 2, 2022

I got my booth at the antique mall open today! I’m happy about it, but I’m now tired. Ha!

There’s a big difference between stuff you’re not using at home and stuff you’re hoping to sell. The items at home seem to be taking up a lot of space. My booth seems a bit sparse. But that’s ok. I’m thankful to get it started.

Speaking of getting things started, this new year will be different with my blog. I don’t want to abandon it but I know I’ll be busier now with my crafting. So I’m not going to be posting as I have been. On days I don’t have real updates to write about, I’ll be using photos to do the talking for me. A snapshot of the moment during my day that brought me a smile or joy or made me grateful. I don’t want to stop looking, and I hope you find the moments in your own days that you want to remember.

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