January 5, 2021

I had my appointment with my plastic surgeon today for another fill of my spacers. It’s been 3 weeks since the last fill, so my skin had really relaxed a bunch. It was nice. They felt kinda normal. Now, not so much.

Initially the plan was just to fill the left breast to start getting things evened out. The left side lost the nipple and surrounding skin during my mastectomy, so it needs to be stretched more than the right to get them looking somewhat symmetrical. But when I told my doctor I felt like the right side was close to where I want to stop, he suggested we go ahead and fill both sides, but doubled the amount on the left.

Now I feel huge. I’m not, but the tightness is making me hyper aware of them again. And because they’re filled with saline, they feel solid, with very little give. Ugh. One upside is that the extra stretch on the left has lightened the pigmentation left over from radiation, so it doesn’t look quite as tan as it was.

My doctor thinks I’ll have about 8 more weeks of over filling and removing and refilling until the left aide relaxes enough so I don’t appear lopsided anymore. I guess that’s not too bad. I’m thankful to be back at it. I’m also thankful that I’ll have a couple of weeks before we fill again, so (hopefully) the uncomfortableness has a chance to go away.

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