February 12, 2022

Chance is a jerk. We were busy all day with errands and stuff so I felt bad when he seemed bored just before dinner. It was cold today, and we didn’t go out with them in the backyard. So when Chance followed me downstairs and stared at me as I got on the treadmill, I decided I’d take him for a quick walk around the block instead. Then do the same with Barley after dinner.

I bundled up and our walk started out fine. I did some fast walking since he was excited and kept pulling a bit. We got 3/4 of the way around the block when we came up on a woman walking a fluffy black dog. They would walk a few paces and then stop for a while. I had to slow down a little to try to keep some distance. Our dogs are sweet, but they aren’t used to other dogs and usually just bark a lot when they see them. It’s embarrassing because we all dropped out of obedience school.

We were doing good until we were almost home. Then the woman with the black dog stopped and didn’t move for a while. I crossed the street in hopes we could just hurry by and get to our driveway. But Chance started barking. And pulling. In my attempt to get in front of him and divert his attention, he tripped me, I stumbled forward, turned and fell. Hard. My hat fell over my face. In my struggle to get up, the woman with that dang black dog asked if I was ok. I mumbled I was fine as I high-stepped Chance, who was suddenly cooperative, into the house.

Let’s just say I was so frustrated that my Apple Watch chose that moment to record my “exercising.” And because I fell awkwardly on my hand, my pinky finger is swollen and a little bruised. I’m thankful it wasn’t anything more. And at least Chance had the decency to look guilty. I hope our neighbors enjoyed the show because it will be a while before I walk him around the block again.

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