March 7, 2022

One of my coworkers told me today that I looked different. Apparently, my vacation has made a physical impact on my appearance and not because I’m tan. It’s that I was relaxed. I’m afraid it won’t last long.

I purposely avoided checking on work while I was gone. I didn’t do much on social media. I especially ignored the news while away. It was willful ignorance because I needed the break. But it’s back to reality and that looks a bit grim right now. My heart breaks for everyone amid the violence going on. I pray for peace.

I met with my plastic surgeon this afternoon. we did a refill of the saline he removed before my vacation. I’ll go again in a few weeks for another fill, but he says I’m ready for surgery after that. And I am ready to be done. I need to get beyond this reconstruction.

Even though I’m back to my normal stress, I’m so very grateful for the week of relaxation I had that allowed me to start my week off well. I know how lucky I am.

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