March 9, 2022

I am so tired. Three days back to work and my vacation seems like a month ago. Sigh. Yet I hate to even complain about such stuff when there are larger problems in the world.

Yesterday I finally heard back from my plastic surgeon’s office about his surgery schedule. I knew it wouldn’t be soon but he’s booked out to August. That will be a year after my mastectomy. I keep remembering how I thought I’d have my final surgery by my birthday last November. Crazy. But here’s the even crazier bit. When I talked to the scheduling office, they had a cancellation THAT morning for a date in June. So my surgery is set for June 17. And today they called to set my pre-op appointment. Yay!

I’m thankful for the cancellation. I’m thankful that I have my surgery scheduled. I’m hopeful that the delay will mean that this will be my final, final surgery because all the skin stretching will be done. Fingers crossed!

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