March 19, 2022

This guy is in the dog house again.

Remember last month when he tripped me on our walk? I did a pretty epic fall onto my right hand. The bruising has gone away. The swelling is better but my pinky has still been bothering me, so I mentioned it to my doctor last week. She suggested I get an X-ray, and I got the results today. My pinky is fractured. Grrr.

Then tonight I had a few potato chips. Just a few because of the stupid losing weight thing. And I dropped one and almost caught it but Chance swooped in and fought me for it. Practically swallowed it whole in his excitement. (Ahem. Don’t ask me how he knows they’re yummy.) Double Grrr.

So Chance annoyed me today. But on the upside, look at that face. I can’t stay mad at him for long. And although my pinky is fractured, my joint is fine. That’s what I was worried about, so I’m thankful for that. And the potato chip? Hmm. Still salty about that steal, but I’ll survive.

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