April 30, 2022

In true April fashion, today’s weather was wonky. Heavy showers off and on. Spots of bright sunshine. Cold. Then warm. But still we managed to venture out to a barn sale and a few other junking spots around the area. I bought a vintage suitcase to store stuff in. And Patrick found some discounted whiskey at a store he visited after he dropped me off at a Salvation Army.

It was a fun time until we realized we were almost out of gas and taking country roads. We searched for the closest gas station and once we got there, discovered that every pump was out of order. I reminded Patrick that I have no chest strength anymore, so I’d be no help in pushing the car. We were down to 10 miles left and made it to the next station with only a couple miles to spare. It was a nail biter.

I’m thankful for our little adventures, especially when it’s a lousy day for much else.

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