May 14, 2022

I’m so tired! We spent the day at the flea market—way longer than planned because I bought a shelf unit for my craft booth that was an inch too big for the vehicle. And not even our car. We ran into a friend there and that dang piece of furniture wouldn’t fit in the back of her truck. So we decided we would go home with our small stuff and rent a bigger truck to go back and pick up my furniture and hers.

This was the only truck available in town on a Saturday afternoon.

And since we were forced into the monster U-haul, we decided to go through the flea market one more time and get whatever we passed up the first go-round. I had some pretty good luck. I found quite a few wooden trunks and garden furniture for my booth. Sadly, all the items Gwen passed up earlier were already sold by the time we returned. We decided the next time we go to this flea market, we’re going to just rent a truck at the beginning.

The shelf that started it all. It cost me $15.00, a U-haul, and a lot of extra hours in the sun. But I’m grateful for a fun day with Patrick and my friend.

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