June 6, 2022

Today was the first day of our summer hours at work, which is working 10 hours Monday through Thursday and having Friday off. I love the idea of having Fridays off, but working 10 hours, not so much. I knew I’d have to get up earlier than normal, and I’m not a big morning person. As it is, I get to work at 7:00, which is plenty early for me.

Even though I’m going to work from home these couple of weeks prior to my surgery, I wasn’t really looking forward to getting up extra early. Luckily for me, Chance helped with that this morning. We woke to him pawing at something in the corner, behind my leaning mirror. At first, I figured it was a spider, which would be bad enough. But no. It was this little guy.

That’s a baby possum. A possum. This is how I imagine he ended up in the corner of our bedroom. Chance discovered him in the backyard during his early morning bathroom run and carried him in through the doggie door. Maybe he played with him for a while downstairs until the possum played dead before carrying him to our room. I suspect Chance then jumped up on our bed with him at which point he dropped him, and the little guy scampered to his hiding spot behind my mirror. Or maybe they planned it all as an elaborate alarm for my first early, early morning.

I’m thankful the possum was unharmed and Patrick was able to safely carry it outside and beyond our fenced yard. I’m also thankful I was able to start my work day at 6:00 since I was already up. That being said, I really hope we don’t have a repeat of this again. I reminded Chance that he needs to ask permission before inviting friends into our house, especially to spend the night. He seems bummed, but I think he understands.

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