June 24, 2022

I got my bandages off today. The nurse cleaned my incisions and put silicone tape over them, and I’ll see my doctor again in a couple of weeks.

When my doctor said a week of recovery, I thought he was nuts. Even my general doctor rolled her eyes and said she’d write me a note if I needed more time off work when I told her during my pre-op visit. But here I am, a week post surgery, and I’m almost completely off pain meds. That being said, I’m still quite bruised, swollen, and generally uncomfortable. It often feels like my ribs are being squeezed. Every once in a while, I stretch or twist wrong and pull the stitches on the left side which renders me speechless. Shooting pain. Ugh. Thankfully, it passes quickly.

Even though I have this time of healing and getting used to another change in my body, I’m so grateful to have come this far. I already feel so much better.

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