July 7, 2022

I’m super disappointed today. My follow-up doctor appointment today was rescheduled to Monday. And all because they inadvertently scheduled me with the wrong doctor. Grrr.

I wouldn’t be upset except last weekend the tape came undone over my incision and a spot of skin above it was rubbed raw before I realized it. (Stupid nerve damage.) Of course, it’s on the side of the radiated skin, which is healing way slower. As if I need or want anything more to worry about.

I was looking forward to having my doctor ease my concerns as well as answer some questions. Like why some areas hurt more than others. And whether I’ll need more fat grafting over the spot that feels very thin and fragile. And when I’ll be able to wear something other than bulky sports bras that squeeze my ribs. I’m hoping my fortune cookie message isn’t an ominous sign. I was hoping to be over the battle.

Although I’m disappointed, I’m thankful that the incisions are still healing and my raw spot doesn’t seem worse. I’m also grateful my appointment was rescheduled for Monday and not a week later. I’m going to remain positive this weekend!

**Apparently this didn’t actually upload last night, but I swear I wrote it on the 7th! 😕

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