July 10, 2022*

Sunday! I’m trying not to get into the typical Sunday blahs, where Monday seems too close for comfort. It helped that my sister and brother-in-law were in town and stopped by for a short visit. We were able to have lunch and a quick tour of Patrick’s garden, which is getting quite abundant already. Even though I saw Jenny and Jim last weekend, it was good seeing them again today.

After they left, I spent a lot of the afternoon out on the deck where it was warm but breezy. It was great sitting under the pergola and drinking lemonade. Even the pups were happy to hang out in the sun for a while. I’m thankful for a beautiful summer Sunday.

*Dang it! Once again my draft didn’t upload on Sunday like I thought it did. I need to do a better job at double checking. And Patrick needs to do a better job at telling me sooner. Ha!

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