July 21, 2022

It was another tough day. I thought I was moving on to where life was getting better, but there’s always something to deal with. I miss being young and hopeful, knowing there was still a world of possibilities out there. Sigh.

I did have a positive moment for which I’m grateful. While on an errand, a woman in a store stopped me to compliment my hair. My hair. My hair that has been driving me crazy lately, that I’ve been worried is too thin and frizzy, that I haven’t been able to style correctly. I told her she had made my day.

It goes to show you that a lot of stuff comes down to perspective. She had no idea what kind of hair I used to have, so she saw what she liked. I’ve been comparing it to what it used to be and only seeing what I don’t like.

It’s good to be reminded to try to look at things from other angles. I’ll be working on that with my other disappointments from today. I’m thankful for that reminder and for the ways Patrick helped encourage and cheer me up. Aren’t these flowers lovely?

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