August 26, 2022

Fall is here in the Midwest USA. Our local Apple orchard opened today, so Patrick and I got there when it opened. Apple cider donuts, mmmm. I also found some Halloween spiders. I’m sure they’ll make their way into the blog soon.

The morning started well, and my afternoon got better. I spent a little time with my friend Ann after I dropped off some garden vegetables to her.

Then I had a massage. OMG. I had to use rolled up towels and a pillow to keep the pressure off my implants, but I’m glad I was face down for most of it. That way my masseur could not see me grimace. Everything hurt. I had knots all throughout my back. My legs. My shoulders. He also worked on the super tight muscle under my left arm that has bothered me since my very first surgery. I won’t be surprised if I see bruises over the next couple of days. But I’m so thankful I went. I think I can already feel some relief. As I told him when he commented on how well I was tolerating things, I’d rather suffer some short term pain for long term relief.

I’m thankful for a pretty good day, and I’m thankful for Ann who gifted me my first massage.

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