September 20, 2022

I’m thankful to be home. After putting towels and books over all the miscellaneous lights in my hotel room last night, I figured I’d have a good shit at sleeping. The. I turned on the air conditioner and the noise from that was like a hair dryer going through a metal tube. Plus it had its own light. But at least it drowned out everything else and I was able to use a pillow to block its light. Even though the bed had indents, the pillows were soft and comfy, so I was able to eventually get to sleep. However, I didn’t get up in time for my 6 am training session.

At least the purpose of our trip, a meeting with a customer, went well, so it was worth it, because the drive home was rife with slow traffic. Our 4-hour trip took 5 hours. Ugh. Did I mention I’m thankful to be home? I’m also thankful that Patrick had a delicious dinner going when I got there.

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