October 15, 2022

I’m so tired. We have been walking about 7 miles a day which is obviously not my norm. Now I know why most of the women here are so thin. Walking everywhere, running to the metro or bus, is a great natural workout. But it’s easy when shops and cafes are so closely packed together. Back home, things are much more spread out. I guess we take for granted the amount of space we have.

It was a good day though despite going once more to the Paleontology museum and not getting in for the second time. We even made sure to get there a couple hours before closing but they were turning people away already. So we headed back and got an early dinner at Boullion Chartier before the line to get in was long. It was good, classic food and a lovely setting.

We started our day at the flea market where I found Patrick a small copper pot for his collection and myself a small painting that was just weird enough and we ended the day seeing the Eiffel Tower in its lighted glory. We also saw Sacré Cœur. I’m thankful for another great day in Paris.

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