December 10, 2022

This month is flying by. I had big plans for today that got interrupted by wifi issues. Our provider sent us a new modem that is supposed to work better on the upgraded network. We had started getting intermittent outages that were annoying, so I was anxious to make the switch. Well, pretty much everything that could go wrong, did. The directions simply said to log in to the app and follow directions there. Only the app wouldn’t open. I logged in online and it wouldn’t load my information. I called and they said I had to do an online chat first. The chat said there wasn’t anyone available so I should call. What a frustrating loop.

I finally got through to a person (I’m convinced the auto bot is programmed to detect anger) who was able to start the activation. I spent half an hour watching the light go from orange to green to blue while he kept asking if it was white yet. We never got to white, so he scheduled a technician to come on Monday.

In the hour following I realized just how much we rely on wifi. No TV. No internet. My Christmas tree lights are on an app that works best with wifi. The house was quiet. So I ran a couple errands and realized when I got back that the modem light was white. But it still wasn’t working. When I finally got through the loop again, the girl on the phone confirmed that there was something wrong with the new modem, and she helped me reconnect the old one.

I know I can survive a weekend without tv and probably without the internet. I certainly have enough on my to-do list to keep me busy, and I am a little alarmed at how much relies on technology. However, I’m thankful it got resolved temporarily. The pups and I got to watch another Christmas movie tonight.

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