December 18, 2022

I’m thankful for another good day starting with yummy breakfast tacos. I’ve missed these. I’m not sure why the tacos are better in Texas, but they are.

Then after a relaxing morning, Patrick, his sister Meg, and I went wandering through a shopping area before going to a place called Fang and Feather. Patrick has been watching YouTube videos from The Whiskey Tribe for a while now, and Fang and Feather is the whiskey tasting room from the show. He’s been there before, but I hadn’t seen it in person, so I was curious to go. It’s in a picturesque location outside Austin on a campus that also includes a whiskey school, wedding chapel and coffee shop.

We had a good drink and enjoyed checking out the grounds. We even met a couple of folks from the show (no, we didn’t ask for a picture).

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