April 1

Well the April fool’s joke is on me. My internet connection is down again at home, so I’m back to blogging on my phone. Good thing I was thankful for it yesterday because I am not today. In fact, I called the company several times today. The first time I hung up after waiting 25 mins on hold. When I called back, I got disconnected. Finally, I got through but got bounced around between departments for over 30 mins. By the time I got to the final person, I was beyond irritated. I don’t normally yell, but I kind of let her have it. And then apologized. And then regretted that after she tried to sell me on another service. Some companies deserve to lose business.

Thankfully, I had kept the phone number of a rep at another service company. We played a bit of phone tag, but when I got home tonight, he was waiting in my driveway. Granted, salespeople want to sell, but this guy has always been up front with me and actually helps his customers. I should have gone with him to begin with but had gotten lured by the promise of a better deal. So I switched my tv and broken internet and useless home phone to his plan: tv with more programming, internet that is promised to be faster, and a home security system (I didn’t really need a house phone anyway). The good thing is, it’s going to cost me the same as what I’ve been paying. And if something goes wrong, I get to call him and let him deal with it. Sometimes it’s nice to have connections.

Feb 14: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. A day of hearts and flowers and smarmy poetry and red and pink everything. I know it’s a Hallmark holiday, manufactured for gift-giving, blah, blah, blah. I know we shouldn’t need an actual day to express our love and appreciation for the people in our lives, but I have to admit, the hopeless romantic in me enjoys this day. Maybe it’s because my mom used to go out for all holidays that I can’t imagine a life without these celebrations. Even when single, I found ways to make a fuss. I give my kids stuff, usually silly themed socks and candy.  I send my friends notes signed BFF. I bring candy or cookies or cupcakes to work to share. I usually try to give some kind of treat to my students. Today I gave my kids a 3 pound bag of gummi bears to share, Hershey bars, and little glass hearts on ribbon. I passed out two bags of candy at work and sent a few sappy emails to friends. I even got some emails sent to me and a couple of sweet surprises –one involving Skittles, my addiction, delivered in a big red heart.

However, the best part of today was getting to spend time with someone who’s just as weird as I am. And I mean that in the best possible way. Isn’t it cool to find someone who clicks with you in a way not everyone else can understand? We had a nice dinner but then spent most of our evening being silly. Laughing at dumb jokes, making up our own dumb jokes, poking fun at each other. It’s the beginning of something I hope lasts a long time. In my effort to enjoy the journey, I’m not looking too far ahead. Instead, I’m thankful for the hours tonight and the anticipation of more to come.