April 1

Well the April fool’s joke is on me. My internet connection is down again at home, so I’m back to blogging on my phone. Good thing I was thankful for it yesterday because I am not today. In fact, I called the company several times today. The first time I hung up after waiting 25 mins on hold. When I called back, I got disconnected. Finally, I got through but got bounced around between departments for over 30 mins. By the time I got to the final person, I was beyond irritated. I don’t normally yell, but I kind of let her have it. And then apologized. And then regretted that after she tried to sell me on another service. Some companies deserve to lose business.

Thankfully, I had kept the phone number of a rep at another service company. We played a bit of phone tag, but when I got home tonight, he was waiting in my driveway. Granted, salespeople want to sell, but this guy has always been up front with me and actually helps his customers. I should have gone with him to begin with but had gotten lured by the promise of a better deal. So I switched my tv and broken internet and useless home phone to his plan: tv with more programming, internet that is promised to be faster, and a home security system (I didn’t really need a house phone anyway). The good thing is, it’s going to cost me the same as what I’ve been paying. And if something goes wrong, I get to call him and let him deal with it. Sometimes it’s nice to have connections.

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